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How many times have you achieved your fitness goals yet gained
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FACT: Body Balance Works Whether You Are:

– Diabetic trying to regulate blood sugar and increase metabolism

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– A Pro Athlete striving to reach your peak performance level

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“When I created this course, I wanted to make sure you knew that I was dead serious
about helping you reach your goals and improve the quality of your health through innovative
‘easy’ nutrition and regular exercise.” -Sarah Gearino

Get Straight Answers to Crucial Questions…

Sarah Gearino For 5 years Sarah gave her clients surveys on their questions about
“how to get in shape” and had some VERY interesting answers come
through the door. Many have gone UNANSWERED for a very long
time for a VERY good reason.  This is of course because there’s so
much competition and folks don’t like divulging their trade secrets
too often. That is, until now. The genie is coming out of the
During this exclusive interview Sarah brings up all of the
most frequently asked questions and answers each one completely.


Are You Making this ONE Dangerous Mistake?

Sarah also talks about an easy to fix mistake 89% of folks are making
while working out and don’t even realize it!
If unattended over time
this crucial mistake can wreak havoc on your body and even
cost you a trip to the EMERGENCY ROOM!

17 Crucial Answers Sarah Covers for You:

– How to burn the same calories as folks that hit the gym for 7 days in only 3 days or less…
– The crazy buzz about carbohydrates and all the confusion surrounding them in dieting…
– How to get guaranteed ripped six pack abs by following 3 simple little known rules…
– How to quickly tighten up your arms, legs, shoulders and your overall physique…
– The #1 quickest way to lose weight – according to a certified fitness trainer…(not what you think)
– Top 5 nutritional suggestions for working out and maintaining weight from a certified nutrition specialist…
– What supplements are OKAY and which ones are NOT OKAY to take…EVER
– Sarah’s surprising thoughts on eating at night before bed… (you won’t believe her answer)  


Limited Time Offer? – “Why Are You Doing This?”

The reason I am letting folks into my course early is to help create awareness of it and get
feedback to improve it and testimonials to help promote from the folks that sign up. So far
a few people have given me great reviews and I know by using testimonials I can save $ on
advertising when I roll this out into the market. We’ve got a few more testimonials coming
in and then we’re going to raise the price back up to what market will bear (and still be an
amazing value). Grab it now if you want it at this price.


Skype with Sarah…

You’ll also be given 1 free 20 minute skype ‘personal progress check in’ session with Sarah
without having to upgrade to level two. In this session you can share thoughts and ideas with
Sarah and she can give you advice and tips on how to get better results from your efforts and
even help you better customize a meal plan based around her recipes.

Don’t Decide Right Now… 100% Satisfaction or Money Back…

Take the next 3 months to make up your mind. Remember, you also have my ironclad,
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-Sarah :)

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