For Muscle and Weight Gain


Have you tried different Muscle and Weight Gain Programs only to find yourself not gaining the mass? Have you tried a program that did work, however you only gained fat mass and you were required to consume terribly unhealthy foods to achieve your weight gain? Do you want to become the fittest/healthiest/most massive you that you can be while enjoying life along the way? Do you want to MAINTAIN this lifestyle for a LIFETIME? If your answer is yes, then the Total Body Sculpt Program is just for you! This program will include quality exercise routines as well as a proper nutritional road map, stressing the fact that you must have a BALANCE between the two in order for success. The Total Body Sculpt Program will give you the confidence that drives you down one road and one road only, SUCCESS. Join the BB Team today and prepare yourself for victory! The Total Body Sculpt Program for Muscle and Weight Gain is a 12 week program including:

  • Breakdown of the program for that month in regards to both exercise and nutrition
  • Video tutorials for your weekly exercise routines with a corresponding printable PDF of that specific routine
  • Meal plan guidelines, low glycemic options, healthy recipes, etc
  • Multiple 7- day (low glycemic) meal plan calendars with corresponding 7- day grocery lists for that specific calendar
  • FREE access to both 12-week Beginner and 12-week Intermediate Exercise Program if you feel the Advanced Program is too difficult
  • Contact with other Body Balance members through the BB community
  • Contact with Sarah for additional help
  • Become the “Featured BB Member” and make it on the website!

THE MUSCLE and WEIGHT GAIN PROGRAM is a 12 week program that will challenge you and transform your body into a massive yet sculpted machine! See below for a sample routine from this program. You WILL NOT perform the Cardio Blasts within each routine if your goal is muscle and weight gain!

Back and Chest Routine #1 PDF

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