Prenatal Fitness and Nutrition Plan


Why wait to be healthy until after you have the baby? There are so many benefits to eating healthy and exercising during pregnancy…so START NOW!


This Plan Includes:

  • A complete Breakdown of your Exercise Plan in regards to Time, Type/Mode, Intensity, Frequency. This program included resistance exercise, cardiovascular exercise, and stretching.
    • The Resistance Training Routines are at intermediate-advanced level and are in PDF printable format. If you are a beginner, please contact me to learn your options.
  • A complete Breakdown of your Nutrition Plan, specific to what is best for both you AND baby:
    • You will get a categorized list of foods ranked according to the glycemic index. This list will show you which foods to choose from and which foods to stay away from.
    • You will get a video explaining the glycemic index and the importance of sticking with low glycemic food.
    • You will get a sample meal plan to better understand how to organize your daily meals. If you would like a customized meal plan specific to your schedule/likes-dislikes/allergies/taste preferences, please contact me.

Take the first step to being a good mommy and contact me to START TODAY!

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