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Testimonial for Sarah Gearino’s “Body Balance Principle”

“Get Ripped FAST in 12 Weeks Without Killing
Yourself in the Gym or Get Your Money Back.”

It’s No Secret…

Losing weight can be a serious pain in the neck (and some other places too)…

You go to the gym, bust your rear and then get on the scale only to find
that you’ve gained everything back again…. Talk about working for nothing!

There’s no words to describe that level of frustration… except ones I can’t say here.

Invasion of the “Pill People”… You’re Next!

There has been a huge increase in weight loss pills peddled to folks
who are trying to drop weight fast (lose 50 lbs in 2 weeks etc).

Like momma said, “If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is”…

Well, Momma was right (again). More and more folks are looking to drop serious
weight taking serious risks to their health and well being.

This of course does NOT mean you can’t get the body you want. Not at all…

It just means you’ve been lied to by corporations who want your $
and don’t care about your health at all. Go figure…

Those Days Are Over Starting Right NOW.

Here’s Why:  

The #1 reason why folks ALWAYS gain it back is because of diet!

Now, before you go spiking the ball in the end zone and thinking
“Yeah, well the food probably sucks”… Your wrong and stick around
for the real truth! That says the food is unbelievably awesome.

Again, the food is incredible and there is just ONE tiny tweak
that can help you start melting off fat and getting ripped (even
if you only exercise 30 minutes- 3 times a week max!). No joke.


No One Else is EVER Going to Tell You This Stuff..

Why? Because they don’t want you to know. They want all the attention
and will go to spectacular lengths to hide the truth 
from you so they can
steal YOUR thunder…

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could steal it right back and keep it on your
side of the line (forever)?

It sure does to 94% of folks trying to lose weight and STAY thin… Well here’s your proven answer…

Message from my product launch last year:

“I get the same questions all the time about weight loss so I put together a set of mp3 audios and pdf’s, along with a video/food course you can take online that is 100% guaranteed to get you slimming down is record time or I pay the tow (see it here for 50% off).  I have put these materials together for you because I believe in doing right by others is doing right by myself. I hope you find them valuable as It took me over a decade of knowledge and experience to get you these hard to get answers to skyrocket your results. ” 

I know this sounds somewhat “stilted” but this interview is the most important thing you’ve heard regarding weight loss… and it’s directly from a Proven Certified Nutritionist and Award Winning Fitness Competitor… -Shadia P – Trainee for Sarah Gearino



Sarah Back in 2002 (above) Competition Winner





Sarah Gearino is Dropping the BOMB for life long weight loss and conditioning (and we might have to put her in the witness protection program for doing it! Her competition is angry that she’s letting the cat out of the bag!). Click the banner above to find out for yourself!

Seriously, there’s folks out there that are NOT happy about it and do not ever want you to have access to this info.

By simply opting in below you are in effect taking back your health and your hard earned $, and investing it in something that will benefit you for the rest of your entire life… Yea, I know that sounds far fetched but it’s true.

You can download each one by one, or get them all at once by scrolling down the page.  If you
haven’t signed up for my “Triple Effect” Body Balance Principle course, you can here for 50% off.

So, if you lose 50 lbs in 12 weeks that works out to 11 cents a pound… not bad.

You can get the first part of the Body Balance Principle in mp3 by simply opting in to our
“Get Your Balance Back” newsletter. You’ll get access to crazy discounts not offered
to anyone else (You’ll get VIP treatment).

Here are some of the questions Sarah clearly answers in the interview:

1.– How can I get a nice backside/posterior/glutes?

2. -What is the best exercise for sculpting the arms?

3. -How can I get six pack abs?

4. Are carbs really that bad for you?

5. What time should you stop eating at night? Good question <<<

6. Do I need to take supplements? Are they safe?

7. What is the quickest way to lose weight?

8. What are some quick and healthy snacks for someone with an on the go/busy schedule?

9.  Is it better to do a longer duration/bout of cardiovascular exercise at lower intensity than a shorter duration/bout of cardio at a higher intensity?

10. What are the top 5 nutritional suggestions you would give to someone?

and more…

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