Mission of Body Balance


Body Balance was created to be an educational and motivational tool for anyone who would like to achieve specific fitness goals and simply improve their quality of life. The purpose of Body Balance is to educate people on quality exercise and proper nutrition, stressing the fact that you must have a BALANCE between the two in order for success. Balance is such a crucial part of life and truly the only successful path to take. To achieve the body of your dreams and become the healthiest you, that will last a lifetime, you must have balance in your approach. Here at Body Balance, we explain why it is important to have:

• Balance between Exercise and Nutrition

• Balance between Protein, Carbohydrates/Sugars, Fiber, and Fats (GLYCEMIC INDEX)

• Balance between Resistance Training and Cardiovascular Training

• Balance between “Training/Working Hard” and “Resting/Sleeping Hard”

• Balance between different modalities of Exercise

• Balance between time working out and time spent with friends and family

No successful long term program involves totally depriving oneself of any one thing, because this will ultimately end in failure. Body Balance will educate you on the many reasons why the Glycemic Index is the key to a successful nutritional plan. Whether you are a Diabetic in need of regulating blood sugar levels, an “Average Joe” trying to increase your metabolism while dropping a few pounds and gaining lean muscle mass, a sedentary individual desperate to drop a significant amount of weight, or an athlete striving to reach peak performance, Body Balance has the tools for your LONG TERM SUCCESS!

Our mission here at Body Balance is to give you the confidence that drives you down one road and one road only, SUCCESS. Join the BB Team today and prepare yourself for victory!


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