About Me

Sarah GearinoThank you so much for stopping by! My name is Sarah and I consider myself just a typical girl who happens to be extremely passionate about exercise and nutrition. I was an athlete all throughout my childhood and turned to fitness competitions in college to fill my competitive void. Now don’t let the athletic side of me fool you, because I use to be a sugar addict until I started competing. Candy, cookies, ice cream, you name it and I was all over it! Cleaning up my act, I became a certified personal trainer at age 19 and worked throughout college, resulting in an Exercise Physiology degree from OSU. Although I do not have a degree in dietetics, I have researched nutrition for years and I am highly knowledgeable with the Glycemic Index and Macronutrient balance.

I competed in natural fitness competitions throughout college and soon came to realize that there should be more to my life than just obsessing over my body 24/7. More power to those people who are still in competition mode, I just felt my calling was elsewhere. After graduating, I became a Clinical Cardiac Exercise Physiologist (EP). I know, its a mouth-full, right! Basically, I perform different types of stress tests on patients who may or may not have pre-existing cardiac (heart) issues. I work with patients for preventative purposes as well as post cardiac intervention check-ups. In addition to my full-time profession as an EP, I juggle my own In-Home Personal Training business, keeping up with my personal fitness regimen, spending time with friends and family, and strengthening my faith in Jesus Christ.

Currently, I have been an Exercise Physiologist for over 8 years and a personal trainer for over 12 years. I have worked in a few different fitness centers for my first 3 years as a personal trainer before I realized that most clients prefer convenience and privacy over loud “meat market” type environments. I wanted to give my clients the most bang for their buck, so I bought some exercise equipment and the rest is history!

I believe I have gained the majority of my knowledge of fitness and nutrition from research as well as trial and error. Over the past 12 yrs, I have worked with athletes, children, elderly individuals, individuals struggling from autism, fibromyalgia, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, cardiac bypass recovery, and many more. I have learned so much in my time as a trainer and would love the opportunity to extend some of my knowledge to the rest of the world. If I had to sum up in one word how an individual can achieve personal goals, no matter what they may be…it would be BALANCE! Long term success is only possible through BALANCE.


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